Bryan Chung is the advice columnist behind Dear Doctor Ninja.

He is a methodologist who improves people’s relationship with science. He is a plastic/hand surgeon and PhD research designer. The biggest compliment he’s ever received was from his mentor while in residency. After winning the award for Best Paper by a Resident at a worldwide congress in plastic surgery, his professor said, “You deserve this award because, after four years, I finally understand what you’re talking about.” Bryan has been getting better at helping people understand what he’s talking about since. He won’t shut up about evidence-based practice, and the role that we play in science’s life. Sometimes, he is invited not to shut up about it by important people and institutions globally.

He runs the Critical Mass mentorship for health practitioners and writers who are looking to transform the way they see research in their careers.

When he’s not working, he can be found on a Lindy Hop dance floor, mixing up a cocktail on the fly, nerding out on comic books and looking for hidden places wherever he is.

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