Fizz, fizz, plop, plop?

Dear Doctor Ninja,

I’m a 27 year old woman who is trying to lose weight. I switched from regular soda to diet soda, but I’m worried about some news that the sweetener in the diet soda will make my gut health worse. I like the flavor of soda and the fizziness, and the diet soda keeps from from drinking the regular stuff, but I also worry, since gut health seems to be so important.


G. Utrot

Personally, I think the jury is still out on what artificial sweeteners do to the bacteria in your gut in terms of whether the changes that seem to have been reported have any impact on you. And while there are some diseases and conditions that are directly caused by problems with gut flora, they’re not generally ones that can be fixed through diet alone.

The answer to your question lies more in the realm of what it takes to dislodge your dieting sanity. If diet soda is what makes the difference between sticking to your diet and achieving weight loss, and if weight loss is your major goal, then I say, take the theoretical hit (and I do think it’s theoretical) and lose that weight. If diet soda is something that’s just, “nice to have” and you can stick to your diet whether you have it or not; AND the theoretical risk bothers you that much, then consider something else that might be just as refreshing or fizzy that might be sweetener-free.

There’s also the idea that switching is the first step to “quitting”, if that’s also a major goal. Tastes are changeable. You can condition yourself out of a soda habit, just as much as you can condition yourself into one. The benefit of a diet soda is that it allows you to quit or reduce on your own terms without having to worry about the calories. Not everyone can go from full-sugar soda to plain water in one giant step.

The decision you made the day you switched from regular soda to diet isn’t carved in stone. You can choose to taper off diet soda in favor of other non-caloric drinks when it feels time and you can do it as fast or gradually as you want; if ever.

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